A shallow dish that slides into a dab rig’s downstem. The nail is heated using a butane torch before extract is applied to the nail’s inner surface.

Dab Rig

A glass water pipe with a quartz nail. The nail is heated to the desired temp, and a crumb-sized dab is dropped onto the nail. After the vapor passes through the water in the rig, it is inhaled as a vaporized extract, or dab.

Dab Tool

A small, long-handled tool that makes it easy to scoop a crumb-sized portion of extract onto the nail, made out of heat-resistant material such as stainless steel.

Butane Torch

Dabbers use this tool, similar to a crème brûlée torch, to heat the nail. Torches are available at most smoke shops and can be refilled with butane.

Infrared Thermometer

The ultimate accessory for true temperature accuracy, hands-free infrared thermometers like the Temp Tech are specifically calibrated for quartz nails.


Consumers can use a timer to gauge the temperature of the nail. Heating times will vary depending on the age and condition of the nail.

Maintenance Kit

Cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol are used to wipe the nail and clean between uses. Change your water and clean your rig out every 20 uses.

Carb Cap

A quartz or glass lid used to cover the heated and loaded nail, it traps heat and provides directional, adjustable airflow.